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Multi Commander v1.2.0 Portable

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Multi Commander v1.2.0 Portable

Post  legolas on Sun Oct 30, 2011 6:07 pm

Multi Commander is a multi-tabbed file manager that is an alternative to the standard Windows Explorer. It uses the very popular and efficient dual-panel layout.Multi Commander has a everything you need in your daily works with files to make your work fast and efficient. It has all the standard features like a file manager has like copy, move, rename, view. But Multi Commanders big strength is the special features that allow you to do advanced task with ease. Like Auto-unpacking , Auto-sorting , Browse inside archives, Workspace support, Scripting, Searching and a lot more. And it allows you to do everything from the keyboard. Features Tabs allowing you to have multiple folders open. Caching that enable fast file browsing. Background work for all tasks that takes time to finish, allowing you to continue working without interruptions. Customize the layout and colors to fit your styling needs. Extensions and plugins that will increase the functionality of Multi Commander. FTP, Registry , Zip, 7-Zip, Rar , Tar , GZ , Bz2 , Jar Support View and Change file permissions, Take ownership of files. Picture tools like Convert / Rotate Pictures, View/Remove EXIF tags, Adjust EXIF Date of pictures. Show Movie information from IMDB/Rotten tomato as extra columns on you movie files. Audio tools like View Audio file properties, View/Edit MP3 Tags. Open API for developers to create extensions and plugins. Remember selections when you get back from another location when browsing the filesystem. Use mouse and drag and drop or use quick keyboard command for all the task. FileOperations plugins that can automatically sort / unpack files when they are moved or copied. File viewer that lets you view files of any size, as ASCII/Unicode/UTF8/Binary and Hex. Both 32bit and 64bit versions available. Handle folders with many thousands of files with easy, And use power full filters to limit what you want to view. Compare folders and select the files and folders that are different, that are the same and many other options. Power full script engine allowing you to create script that automate tasks. Portable. Can be installed and run from portable (USB) device. Will not write any settings/session info on host computer. And a lot more.... Release v1.2.0 (Build 851) - 25 September 2011 160+ Changes - Some of them are..... FIXED - Search panel is now using same color settings as file manager panel. FIXED - Running from USB did not remember last path, when restarted. FIXED - If selecting a anohter language then english, Then the device toolbar did not work. FIXED - Running External commands without parameters sometimes failed. FIXED - The Thousen separator that is set in the OS setting will now be used. FIXED - Many places that was missing multilanguage support. FIXED - Transfer2USB sometimes hanged. ADDED - Will remember active tab when restarting. FIXED - MultiLanguage program in various dialogs. ADDED - Support for French language added. (Created by Stephane Pierre) FIXED - Problem if a copy operation was really fast. (Divide by zero problem. for the elapsted time calculation) FIXED - If file search was started with a panel in focus that did not provide a path (eg settings). The path in the file files dialog was corrupt. FIXED - Some places where texts in various places was hard coded, it now using the language files. FIXED - Buffer overflow problem with rar. ADDED - Language editor can now export the language files into a zip. FIXED - The path tooltop for tabs now work even if some tab names are truncated. FIXED - Quick search will now work even if filename column is not the first column. ADDED - New custom command "MC.CheckSum.Verify". Now possible to create scripts/commands that verify checksum files. FIXED - Rare crash problem with folder tree. FIXED - Tab closed if user click where the close button should be, if settings to not have a close button was set. FIXED - Crash problem when trying to base64 decode a file that was not a base64 encoded file. FIXED - Folder sizing a path that is longer then 260 characters. FIXED - Problem when renaming a file located in a path longer then 260 characters. FIXED - Problem when viewing a file located in a path longer then 260 characters. FIXED - Problem when creating new folder in paths longer then 260 characters. FIXED - Problem when scanning paths longer then 260 characters. FIXED - Various multi language text problems. FIXED - Problem if a columnname was empty FIXED - MultiTags in External command broke in last beta. ADDED - 6 new MultiTag commands for getting left/right focus item. FIXED - When copying files and files already exists. The "Replace all older" option now works. FIXED - Files dropped on a button will now have quotes around them. FIXED - Fixed a couple of High DPI related problems.The main GUI should now be drawn correctly if run under High DPI mode. CHANGE- Devices where it is not possible to get free/available space will now no longer show any free space information. FIXED - Constant string now works with CustomCommands called from MultiScripts. (eg MC.Explorer.Goto Path="c:\bin" ) FIXED - Crash problem if multiple instances of the Language editor was opened. FIXED - Multi selected problem when running WindowsExplorer mode. FIXED - Path field, Freespace field, status field, all in the explorer panel, Will now resize according to the selected font size. ADDED - Then panel tabs now shows the complete path in a tooltip when hovering over the tab. ADDED - MultiCommander can now be started with -F=.ini file, that defines multiple paths to show at startup. ADDED - CustomCommands and External Commands now support single quotes. See online documentation. ADDED - $mcinstallpath can now be used in the Editor setup, So that relative paths can be used. ADDED - 5 new MultiTags added. See Online Documentation. FIXED - When editing file the quotes around filename to edit was not kept. FIXED - Device dropdown list lost items when a removable (USB) was removed. FIXED - File Search could crash if search tab was closed shortly after a search was finished. ADDED - From contextmenu it is now possible to copy a calculated CRC32/MD5 checksum to clipboard. ADDED - Device toolbar will now show USB/Removable device. ADDED - Bunch of new Multi-tags to be used in custom commands, similar to the new MultiScript commands. ADDED - Bunch of new MultiScript function to get source/target focus/selected files. CHANGE- MultiCommander will no longer lock the folder it is watching for changes. ADDED - Menu bar can now be hidden, and then shown by pressing alt key. FIXED - Double click to close tab in right panel now works again. FIXED - Various rare problem that can cause a crash in rare situations. FIXED - Crash problem when doing 'smart' rename and the file did not have a file extension. FIXED - Crash if browsing for external multi-script file. FIXED - Crash if FTP url was empty.



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