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SSW Exchange Reporter v10.17 x64-BEAN

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SSW Exchange Reporter v10.17 x64-BEAN

Post  legolas on Sun Oct 30, 2011 5:49 pm

SSW Exchange Reporter v10.17 x64-BEAN | 10 Mb Is Microsoft Exchange Server an integral part of your organization? If so, SSW Exchange Reporter provides the tools and reports you need to efficiently analyze your organizations email usage. Built in Exchange reports range from who is sending the most emails, to who has the largest mailbox. As new emails are sent and received, to and from your exchange server, our lightweight windows service seamlessly extracts email messages and folder statistics to your fast SQL Server backend. By taking advantage of SQL Servers Reporting Services, the generated reports can easily be customized and extended while being viewed securely from anywhere. That is why experts say that SSW Exchange Reporter is the most powerful and the only flexible solution to understanding your organizations communications. Some key features of Exchange Reporter are: Scheduling of data extractions from Exchange Server Caching of Exchange data into a SQL Server database Report on cached exchange data for easy analysis Ability to create your own reports for all your analysis needs Exchange Reporter also allows to you: Analyze generated reports on your email system in order to answer vital questions such as: How many emails each Exchange user has sent internally, externally or to clients? Who is sending the most emails in your organization? Who is using email the most effectively? What amount of time is being spent on email by our staff? How many emails were sent to a particular client? Screen email subjects and body content for inappropriate content? Are our staff following organization standards? (see our Rules To Better Email for our email standards!) Integrate Exchange data with your database of client contacts Monitor your email system for inappropriate use Save mail items in public folder stores, for easy indexing and querying Receive reports directly to your email inbox in numerous document formats including PDF, HTML, Excel, TIFF, and more Home:



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