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Win 7 Explorer Column Header

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Win 7 Explorer Column Header

Post  legolas on Sun Oct 30, 2011 5:45 pm

Win 7 Explorer Column Header | 1.1 MB Column header (or Sort header) is very essential part of Windows Explorer. We can change file sorting order by selecting an item from this header. Windows Vista used to show column header in all file view modes (e.g. Icon view, details view, list view, etc) but for some unknown reason, Microsoft changed this functionality in Windows 7. Windows 7 Explorer shows column header only in Details view. It doesn't show column header in any other file view mode. Today we are going to share a small DLL file which can enable column header in all file view modes in Windows 7 Explorer. This DLL file has been developed by "ijprest". Thanks to him for fixing this big annoyance in Windows 7. You just need to download following ZIP file, extract it and run "Install.bat" file to install DLL file in your system. It'll enable column header. If you can't see the header, restart or log off your system. The ZIP file also contains "Uninstall.bat" file to remove the DLL file from your system in case you want to uninstall it.




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